I Voted! Student Election

Kids Voting

Experience elections with GenerationNation’s Student Election!

Still known to many as Kids Voting, the student election program of GenerationNation offers K-12 students opportunities to learn about and get involved in elections each year though a mock vote, service-learning in polling places, student council elections, teacher curriculum and more. Since the program was launched in Charlotte in 1992, hundreds of thousands of students have participated.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg area

Every year, each student has the exciting opportunity to experience elections! Students in kindergarten through high school participate in a variety of ways, including:

  • Learning about candidates, issues, and democracy
  • Casting a student vote
  • Visiting and volunteering in community polling sites
  • Partnering with a school or youth organization to operate a student voting booth – a great service-learning opportunity!

Election results are counted and shared after Election Day.

Cities and school districts in other areas

GenerationNation’s programs are available to all teachers and students in any location. Contact us to learn how to involve your school or youth program in GenerationNation and the student election!

Classroom Activities

The I Voted sticker is just the start! Standards-based classroom activities are available through the year for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Use the election to drive interest and strengthen comprehension in social studies, reading, writing and math through the year!


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charter, independent, religious and home schools

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections

Teaching for Democracy Alliance/Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, a program of Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University (GenerationNation is a member of the TDFA coalition that is working to provide high quality, evidence-based curriculum and strategies for civic literacy)

Arizona Bar Foundation/KVUSA

Other organizations

Election 2021-22 Toolkit

2021-22 Curriculum and Student Election information

Election 2021-22: K-12 students vote

Election Spring 2022: May 17
This election activity will be focused on student voice on Charlotte Mayor and City Council, US Senate, and other races.

2021-22 Pollworker Project

Voter Registration and pre-registration

Election information for registered voters

Election 2022: October-November 2022

Stay tuned for more info!



Election 2021

  • October 20-November 2 – K-12 student voice on mayors in Mecklenburg towns – VOTE HERE
  • December 13-16 – CMS high school students vote for Student Advisor to Board of Education (school board approved a new policy on October 12 that impacted this election).

Election 2021 lessons, candidate information, educational resources, and student ballots

Teacher information










Election 2020 Toolkit

Student Council Elections
Let us host your next student council election. Contact us for more information.