K-12 Civic Literacy

Building experience and knowledge for college, career and civic life

GenerationNation’s educational tools and programs offer students in kindergarten through high school a wide range of opportunities to learn about government, citizenship, leadership and more.

Classroom activities introduce K-8 students to civic learning through social studies, math and language arts and further strengthen civic knowledge and skills in high school World History, Civics & Economics, US History and other courses. The resources are tied to curriculum standards, and support 21st century learning including – but not limited to – civic literacy. Hands-on activities enable students to experience civics and leadership in action – which evidence shows is the best way to learn.

Civic literacy matters

Students need to understand how our governments and communities work, the roles of citizens and leaders, the impacts of policies and decisions, and be able to evaluate information, think critically and make decisions. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has defined ‘Government and Civics’ as a core subject and theme essential for student mastery in the 21st century, and highlights civic literacy as an interdisciplinary theme to be woven into core subjects for higher level competency.

Learn how civic literacy ties into each grade through Common Core and NC Essential Standards (this document is being updated for the new standards)

Read about the College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework – how does social studies tie in with Common Core?


Civic literacy resources are standards-based, easily used, smart, fun and engaging

  • Useful tools that connect real-life experiences and current events with the classroom education to increase student interest and comprehension
  • Interdisciplinary, integrating the study of government, citizenship and leadership into different contexts
  • Tied to curriculum standards
  • Easy to use, flexible and adaptable, plug into existing lesson plans, fit time requirements and curriculum goals
  • Relevant, usable and regularly updated throughout the year
  • Non-partisan and non-political


GenerationNation is a national leader in K-12 civic literacy education

and youth civic leadership development