Kids Lead, a civic leadership program for middle schoolers

Kids Lead

Kids Lead is a civic leadership program led  by high school students for emerging leaders in middle school!

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Find your student leadership and voice

Be a part of Kids Lead, a civic leadership program led by high school students for emerging student leaders in 8th grade. Meet high school student leaders, get to know students from other schools, and learn how to find your student leadership and voice! Program is free.

Topics include

  • What is civic leadership?
  • Solving problems at my school and in my community
  • Finding my student leadership and voice
  • Getting to know other student leaders
  • Opportunities to be a civic leader in high school

This program is led by members of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council (CMYC) and GenerationNation. CMYC is the official student advisory council for CMS, City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and GenerationNation.

Ways to sign up

  • Student Councils/Clubs/Classes/Afterschool programs
  • Individual students


The program is scheduled to offered each semester in 2022-23. If you want to bring Kids Lead to your student council, class, or club, we will work with you to schedule the student meetings. Students who sign up individually will join the group class. Everyone will attend a large group session.