Are you ready to lead?

January 2019 note: a few additional spaces are open for grade 9-11 students at selected schools. Contact us ASAP if you are interested in participating and missed the deadline!


High school freshmen and sophomores: want to learn how your community works…and how you can make a difference?

Apply to be part of the next Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg class. The youth civic leadership academy connects emerging leaders from different schools and backgrounds. Join a growing network of young civic leaders!

The GenerationNation program enables high school students to collaborate over a semester to learn how the community works, meet students from different schools and backgrounds, and develop knowledge and skills needed by a new generation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg civic leaders.

2019 marks the 5th year the innovative youth civic leadership academy is being offered. Participants meet approximately twice a month January-May with peers and community leaders to learn about the community’s history and growth, explore the city and its successes and challenges, and join a growing network of emerging student civic leaders. After completing YLCM, participants will continue their civic leadership as active leaders in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council.

Who can apply?

Mecklenburg County students in grades 9-10 who demonstrate leadership in school and/or community activities and are interested in learning more about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, civic issues, and how to make a difference as a civic leader.

Interested? Tell your teacher, principal, or School Leadership Team that you want to represent your school in the next YLCM class – and submit your application!

When is the program?

The 2019 program will take place in January-May, with approximately 2 program sessions each month.


Sessions are centrally located in downtown Charlotte.