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Kids Voting

Experience elections with GenerationNation’s Student Election!

Still known to many as Kids Voting, the student election program of GenerationNation offers K-12 students opportunities to learn about and get involved in elections each year though a mock vote, service-learning in polling places, student council elections, teacher curriculum and more. Since the program was launched in Charlotte in 1992, hundreds of thousands of students have participated.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg area

Every year, each student has the exciting opportunity to experience elections! Students in kindergarten through high school participate in a variety of ways, including:

  • Voting online and/or at school
  • Visiting and voting in community polling sites on Election Day and during early voting
  • Volunteer and run your own student voting booth – a great service-learning opportunity!

Election results are counted and announced in the media and to schools after Election Day – you can see how students voted.

Cities and school districts in other areas

GenerationNation’s programs are available to all teachers and students in any location. Contact us to learn how to involve your school or youth program in GenerationNation and the student election!

Classroom Activities

The I Voted sticker is just the start! Standards-based classroom activities are available through the year for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Use the election to drive interest and strengthen comprehension in social studies, reading, writing and math through the year!


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charter, independent, religious and home schools

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections

Other organizations

Election 2019 Toolkit – Coming Soon!

Election 2019 Vote!

Ways to vote in Student Election 2019

Vote online, by text, or at school October 22-November 5

Vote at a polling place October 26, October 28, and November 5

Learn more about the Election 2018 program


Election 2018 Toolkit

Curriculum and Candidate information
Election 2018 Vote!

Ways to vote in Election 2018

Vote October 25-November 6 online, text, and at school
       Vote Now Online

       Vote by Text

At school – ask your teacher or principal about your school’s election!
teachers: this ballot is for 1:1 devices. Find school ballot versions and instructions HERE

VOTE IN PERSON October 27, October 31, November 3, and November 6

At a GenerationNation voting booth in a library or polling place on 10/27, 10/31, 11/3, and 11/6

Learn more about the program

election results

Teacher information

#Election2018: K-12 Lessons, Resources, and Activities

  • Election 2018 Resource Toolkit
    • Lesson plans for grades K-12, strategies for integrating real world content into existing lesson plans, and alignment guides for different content areas
    • Educational resources including guides, Election 2018 Jigsaw and Rate the Candidates Decision-Making Charts, and more.
    • Student Election – Election 2018 (October 25-November 6, 2018). On the ballot: US House, County Commission, City Referendum, NC Constitutional Amendment, Student School Board Rep
    • Ballot questions geared for different grade levels – younger students focus on one question
  • Voting options
    • Online
    • Text
    • Paper ballots (limited quantity)
    • At school
    • At designated polling places
    • At home
  • After the vote – civic literacy and action beyond Election Day

Sign up for school ballots, I Voted stickers, and info

Teacher instructions for election 2018 voting activity


Service Opportunities

GenerationNation is recruiting volunteer captains to lead student voting stations during Election 2018. The mock election enables thousands of K-12 students to cast their own votes every year. To make this hands-on experience a good one for students, GenerationNation needs your help! This is a GREAT activity for students, PTAs, businesses, retirees, church groups, afterschool youth programs, civic organizations, etc.

Sign up to Volunteer

Student Council Elections

Let us host your next student council election. Contact us for more information.