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Inaugurating a President


In 2012, we learned about candidates and issues, watched political conventions and debates, and cast votes for President. Now it’s time for the Inauguration!

GenerationNation provides a variety of hands-on activities to help students learn while watching, reading about, analyzing and discussing the Inauguration – all in a non-political, non-partisan way. Activities are tied to Common Core and NC Essential Standards for Social Studies.


  • Reading, watching and analyzing Inaugural Addresses through history
  • Analyzing the Oath of Office
  • Writing a presidential speech
  • Getting the message across
  • Writing news headlines
  • My Wish for America/My Community
  • MLK Day
  • More

The President is sworn into office at 12:00 Noon on January 20th. This date and time is determined by the United States Constitution Amendment XX, which outlines the terms of presidential office. In 2013, the 20th is on a Sunday. So, the public festivities – Inauguration Day - will take place on Monday, January 21st.

On Inauguration Day, several events celebrate the peaceful transfer of power between Presidents and when Presidents begin their second terms.