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Election 2017 resources

Learn, think, decide, and vote! Find lesson plans, resources, activities, and nonpartisan information about the candidates, issues, election, government, news, and more

What’s important to my government?

Ever wonder what's most important to your government? Check out the budget! That's where government officials and policymakers work to establish funding priorities.

Local government: who does what?

All about local government. Find out who's in charge and what they do!

Election 2016 Toolkit: K-12 Resources

Your Election 2016 Toolkit! Your source for Election 2016 resources and activities for K-12 teachers and students.

Election 2016 Candidate Debates

Video links, activities and resources for watching debates!

Vocabulary of Conventions

Do you know what a party platform is? A keynote? Find out here!

Political Conventions

Watch the political conventions to learn about the candidates - and LOTS more!

Election 2016 Learning Opportunity

Students read, think, decide, and take action in Election 2016

Electoral College

Learn about electoral college, find classroom activities, and download map!

Iowa Caucus

Educational resources for Iowa Caucus

Resource Toolkit

Looking for a lesson plan, image, video, text, resource, or idea for civic learning? Search the resource toolkit.

Electing a President

What are the steps in a presidential election?

Office of the President

What is the President's job? How does the President get elected?

Path to the Oval Office

Visualize the path to the presidency with a handout and poster

Learning opportunity: Election 2015

Get ready to learn, think, decide, and act! Educates students about government, democracy, reading and analyzing info, the election process, making decisions, citizenship, and more!

What happens after the election is over?

Election Day's not the end of your role as an active is the beginning!

Learning opportunity: Election 2014

Get ready to learn about elections, voting, government and more! Educates students about democracy, reading and analyzing info, the election process, making decisions, citizenship, and more!

What happens after election day?

Election 2013: after the vote. Voting's not the end of civic learning and participation - it is just the beginning!

Learning Opportunity: Election 2013

Educates students about democracy, reading and analyzing information, the election process, making decisions, different levels of government, ways that citizens participate in political life, and more.

Issue: Voter ID

In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly created and voted to approve new legislation about voting laws. In 2016, federal courts ruled that NC's Voter ID law is discriminatory.

Issue: Bonds

Learning about Election 2013 issue: bonds

Kids Voting USA curriculum archive

Elections and Voting Vocabulary

20 things kids can do to learn about conventions (without being political)

5 tips for being a good voter

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