Reading, Analyzing, and Using Information



This learning opportunity helps students to explore, think about, and make decisions about a public policy, issue, government process, or decision. The activity can be used as a framework for reading and thinking critically about different topics on the school, community, state, nation or global scale. Includes worksheet with essential questions.


Through the activities, students will:

  • Read, analyze and think critically about information
  • Define a public policy, issue, government process, or decision, and come up with problem-solving ideas
  • Identify the roles of government, leaders, citizens, businesses or media in policy and decision-making
  • Learn ways that citizens take action on policy or decision

Grades and topics

Can be used/adapted for students in grades K-12 and aligns to Common Core and NC Essential Standards for social studies.

Activity and resources are designed to be modified for different current events and issues.


Do you know what your government is doing, and why? Whether it is a community issue that needs to be solved, a public policy that is being introduced, or an action being taken by your government, you can use the same simple steps to help you know what’s going on, the impact, and what you can do to make a difference.

Download activity and worksheet with essential questions

Tags: analysis, government, issues, news and media literacy, primary sources, reading information

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