Developing a new generation of civic leaders.

Through GenerationNation, students learn first-hand how their governments and communities work; understand important civic issues and differing points of view; know how to find and use good sources of news and information; build social capital and experience for civic problem-solving and leadership; and, join a diverse network of civic leaders who are working to transform their schools, neighborhoods, and city for the better…now and for the future.

The #MeckBOCC is holding a special joint meeting with the @CharMeckSchools Board tomorrow at 2 p.m.

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Here's a question for you: What do you think is the biggest environmental challenge facing Charlotte right now? (Not global issues; or if you say a global issue, its local impact)

Welcome CMS Board of Education Student Advisor, Gabriel Schuhl!

Gabriel was elected as the student advisor to the Board of Education in November 2019. He is a native of Charlotte and a junior at Ardrey Kell High School.

Proud of and excited for Quentin as he launches! It was great working with Q when he was a @DubCLions student leader and now as #gennationalumni ... and we can’t wait to hire him to photograph today’s young civic leaders! 👏🏾📷🙌🏾#cltmeckyouth #socialcapital

At tonight's #cmsboe meeting, our new Student Advisor, Gabriel Schuhl, will join us.

Gabriel Schuhl was elected as the student advisor to the Board of Education in November 2019. He is a junior at Ardrey Kell High School...

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Get civically engaged! PBS @NewsHour Extra: Student guide to Democratic debates

*Easy-to-use handout for tonight's #DemDebate*

Video, articles, Q&A on primaries via PBS' #SuperCivics2020 series: | #sschat #hsgovchat #civics #apgov

Super Civics 2020 | PBS NewsHour Extra

Learn about the Iowa caucuses and what to watch out for in Tuesday's Democratic debate.

Amazing to hear from alumni about their @GenNation impact! It is a privilege to play a role in the development of civic leaders like @BigIPatriots grad @DeirdreJonese, now at Emory MDiv focused on social justice! #cltmeckyouth #leaderslead #gennationalumni #globalcitizen

Student leaders analyzed and created feedback and ideas for @CharMeckSchools communications and @cltgov services. The full list of youth recs will be sent to officials. Youth make #Charlotte strong and innovative, now and for the future! #cltmeckyouth #actioncivics #leaderslead

I am so honored to be nominated for the #WPMOYChallenge this year. To have an honor like this while in recovery means so much to me and the Cam Newton Foundation. Please keep tweeting
| #WPMOYChallenge Newton |
Voting Ends January 12 • 2020

Chief Justice #JohnRoberts recently discussed the importance of civic #ed in his annual report. Read more about this in our paper w/ @HarvardBiz examining the relationship between civics ed and beneficial outcomes for biz, workers, and the broader economy.

Community leaders: want youth ideas or feedback on an issue, strategy, or project? Connect with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council. CMYC is YOUR student advisory council! #cltmeckyouth

Make your voice heard! Do you think schools, libraries, parks, the environment, people in need, and other services need more -- or less -- funding? @mecklenburgcounty needs YOUR feedback!


Great youth program from @CMPD. Active shooter training and Cops Care:Gang Resistance info. Students must RSVP:

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