Developing a new generation of civic leaders.

While we don't take sides in elections, we give a shoutout to @joelodom12 who at age 20 is running for mayor! He says he has not only *learned* the issues, he has *lived* the issues - and wants to make a difference. 👏🏾 🙌 to civic leaders! #stuvoice #youthvoice #gennationalumni

Heading to the Convention Center this afternoon?
Tweet @WeAreCMS your pics of your commute to the Convention Center (but not while you’re driving!) #SafetyFirst #CMSConnects2019

Board chair Mary McCray forcefully responds to racist emails about the appointment of Earnest Winston. Says it's beyond time to call out these kinds of comments.

CMS board chair Mary McCray reads two emails saying Earnest Winston was hired only b/c he's black. She calls the senders by name & says they should look in mirror and ask "Am I a racist?"

CMS Friends! Has a celebrity visited your school? Did you receive national recognition for something? Did a former student make an impact? We're gathering fun facts about CMS and need help!! Pls send me your ideas! RT to spread the word! @CharMeckSchools #cmspdl #CMSConnects2019

Met an incredible group of young people @GenNation today - amazed by the resilience of students who are growing up in such a politically volatile time yet how active they are in creating change & ensuring their voice is heard in their community! #hope #ivlp @UKPatchwork

Rich internat'l dialogue about youth civic leadership and issues confronting Charlotte students. We don't have guns in UK, what's it like to have to deal with that as an American student? Are you scared? (YES!) #IVLP @diplomacyclt @StateIVLP @UKPatchwork #cltmeckyouth

So excited to kick off dialogue about youth civic literacy, leadership, and engagement with @tryAltUrban @JackJMcAteer @_NYAcheampong @ukpatchwork and others #cltmeckyouth

Did you know a pen, pencil, or calculator can transform a student's life? Nyami, Jayden, Ian, and Kush tell you why. Happy to partner with @wsoctv @9FamilyFocus to support the #9schooltools campaign ✏️🖍🖊📚
#cltmeckyouth #opportunity

Students and candidates: save the date for October 16 at 6:30pm for the 2019 student candidate forum! @CharMeckSchools most important stakeholders --students -- question candidates for @CMSboard. Candidates, stay tuned for details! #cltmeckyouth #studentvoice #cmsbd

To expand the electorate & make voting more equitable, we need to support a civic culture & provide opportunities to build civic habits.

Opportunities like talking about controversial issues, youth voice on boards & councils, & youth working at the polls can help support that.

Thank you @wsoctv for involving our student leaders in telling the story why access to school tools is critical to #studentsuccess #equity #opportunity! We're excited to support #9schooltools campaign! #cltmeckyouth #studentleaders #service #Charlotte #socialcapital

Good to meet today with @CAM_1549 @FasterGlass - big things ahead! 🙌 to Carolinas Aviation Museum leadership for thinking big - and for engaging our student leaders in developing strategy for the future! #cltmeckyouth #studentvoice

Here's a Charlotte question for you on this beautiful Wednesday: What do you think this city really needs? What is it missing? If you were king/queen/dictator, what change would you make? #clt

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