Youth CLT-Meck 101

Want to know how local government works? Find out where government gets its money, who makes decisions, where government happens, and how YOU make a difference? The best way is to see it in action!

Local Government in Action: Attend or watch a government meeting

Want to know when local governments meet, what happens, and how to attend or watch a  meeting? Here's a list of resources, tips, and worksheets to make it fun, easy, and impactful!


Youth CLT-Meck 101 (Youth Civics 101)

Learn about City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Board of Education, Mecklenburg County Courts, District Attorney, Charlotte Observer, civic leadership and more - and make your voice heard on issues and policies impacting children and youth.

This program is great for 10th grade students in Civics & Economics class as well as all teens with an interest in government, law, civics and/or public service. Community service hours are available for completion of the course and providing feedback.

General information

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Youth CLT-Meck 101 Introduction

See local government in action. Find out how local officials make decisions that impact us every day! Youth CLT-Meck 101 is great for:

  •     High school students who want to visit a local government meeting for personal knowledge or school extra credit
  •     Scouts and youth groups wanting to learn more about citizenship and civic life
  •     Students age 10 and up with their parents, together enjoying a visit to learn about local government

This opportunity is geared toward students, families and/or groups beginning to learn about civics and CLT-Meck or making a one-time visit to a local government meeting.

Contact us for details and scheduling information.

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Teacher Resources

Local government activities and lesson content are available for teacher use. Contact us for information.

What's important to my government?

Local government: who does what?

Find more resources and activities

Youth Council

Teens: another great way to get involved in local government is through the youth council - sign up today!

GenerationNation develops a new generation of civic leaders.




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