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YouthCLT and YouthCivics

A venture into local government and civic leadership

Learn how local government works. Find out where government gets its money, who makes decisions, where government happens, and how YOU make a difference. Explore civic leadership, careers and more!

YouthCLT (Youth Civics)

Students experience civics, local government, and leadership in action! Learn about City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, Board of Education, Mecklenburg County Courts, District Attorney, Charlotte Observer, civic leadership and more - and make your voice heard on issues and policies impacting children and youth.

YouthCivics is ideal for 10th grade students in Civics & Economics class as well as all teens with an interest in government, law, civics and/or public service. Community service hours are available for completion of the course and providing feedback.

General information

Summer 2014 registration begins May 1.


Register here

You will receive information about the program and other details. There is a one-time course fee, which you pay online after you receive registration information. Scholarships are available.


Contact us or 704-343-6999


YouthCivics Introduction

YouthCivics Introduction is another exciting opportunity to learn the basics about government by seeing it in action! Find out how local officials make decisions that impact us every day! YouthCivics Intro is great for:

  •     High school students who want to visit a local government meeting for personal knowledge or school extra credit
  •     Scouts and youth groups wanting to learn more about citizenship and civic life
  •     Students age 10 and up with their parents, together enjoying a visit to learn about local government

This opportunity is geared toward students, families and/or groups beginning to learn about civics or making a one-time visit to a local government meeting.

Contact us for details and scheduling information.