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Educating K-12 students to lead

Smart, fun activities connect classroom learning with hands-on experiences to build civic literacy and leadership from an early age.

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Why does it matter?

Charlotte's students need to understand how their governments and communities work, and how and why they can aspire to make a difference. Current events, education trends, and learning opportunity gaps make that task more difficult - and more important than ever.

They - and you - should care. Today's students will become the leaders of our schools, communities, businesses, and nation.  What and how they learn NOW matters.

GenerationNation educates K-12 students to lead. Smart, fun programs connect classroom activities with hands-on experiences to build civic literacy and leadership from an early age.

Through GenerationNation, students prepare for college, career and civic life in the 21st century.

  • Grow as confident citizens and leaders who can read and analyze information, think critically, communicate, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions.
  • Build civic literacy, understand how their governments and communities work - and the civic leadership skills and know-how to make a difference
  • Gain essential knowledge for academic success - including graduation requirements Civics & Economics and American History  - while linking disciplines including STEM, reading, and the arts.

Giving Charlotte's students an advantage

GenerationNation builds civic literacy and leadership from an early age through programs including K-12 civic education, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council, Youth Leadership Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Kids Voting, Youth Voice, and other initiatives.

  • Directly engages students in hands-on civics and leadership experiences to narrow learning opportunity gaps and build critical civic literacy and leadership knowledge, interest, and skills.
  • 50,000+ students engaged in 2013-14 learning opportunities including the youth council and mock election, with 12,000+ contact hours
  • 100% of student participants learn about and engage in local government and community issues
  • In the classroom, GenerationNation helps K-12 teachers to easily and effectively integrate civic literacy into the classroom at 170+ public, charter, independent, and religious schools, through 100+ lessons and tools aligned to core subjects, Common Core, and NC standards.

Launched in 1992 by former Charlotte Observer publisher Rolfe Neill and other civic leaders, GenerationNation – until December 2011, named Kids Voting Mecklenburg – was initially an annual event focused on Election Day. Now, GenerationNation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization with a new programming model to more comprehensively educate and engage a new generation of citizen and leaders throughout the year.

How can you and your organization help to give students the advantage of civic literacy and leadership?

We’re educating students and building leaders – and there’s still work to be done. Mentor a student. Connect your school or organization. Join a youth program. Volunteer. Contribute.

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