Civic learning is a terrific family activity!

The best way for students to build civic literacy - knowledge, attitudes, and thinking and participation skills - is to connect learning opportunities at school, home and after school. You can help students learn by supporting civic learning every day and through the year. all day long and all year long - every year.

If you are in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, contact your GenerationNation School Representative to find out how your school involves itself in civic learning. Talk with the principal and School Representative about your ideas for programs at your school.

Things you can do regularly to build civic literacy

  • Read the news with your child. Reading the news together enhances critical thinking, increases civic knowledge and improves vocabulary.
  • Talk about current events and issues at the dinner table. Find out which issues are important to your kids, and what they think leaders and citizens should be doing about them.
  • Learn about government, especially local and state government. What does it do, and who makes the decisions. Know who's responsible for different services, how they are funded, how policies and decisions are made.
  • Connect current and historic events. Use today's news to explore and undestand eaders, decisions and events that happened earlier in time. Or reverse it: use history to understand the day's events.
  • Keep a map handy. Hang a city, state, US and/or world map in your family room, or access on your phone, laptop or iPad. When you discuss a news story, find  track it on the map. Are there places where more news happens? Why?
  • Research the candidates and issues. Discover the issues and learn where the candidates stand. The GenerationNation website has great resources and is a good place to start. Don't stop when Election Day is over - keep tracking the newly elected candidates to see how they do on their campaign promises.
  • Make your voice heard. Write a letter to the editor, post to a blog, or upload a video on YouTube. Share your opinions on important community issues and start a conversation. Our Facebook page is a great place to start.
  • Set an example. Stay informed about current issues, educate yourself about how our government works, be active in your community, and be open to dialogue about our community’s challenges, policies and opportunities.
  • Vote - and take your child with you when you do. You can get your kids in the habit of voting by participating in the Kids Voting election each year. Students learn about and experience democracy through a combination of classroom and community activities, an authentic voting experience, and community & family dialogue.

What is your family doing to learn about and experience government and civic leadership? We'd love to hear from you!


Youth program providers

Consider civic education as a resource for academic enrichment and 21st century skill development. We partner with a variety of community organizations to provide curriculum, election experiences, community activities and more. Contact GenerationNation

Outside of Charlotte

Interested in bringing GenerationNation to your community or school? Let us hear from you!