Get Involved

Connect yourself, your school or your organization

  • Students: want to make a difference at your school and in the community? Get involved in GenerationNation's programs.
  • Teachers: use our resources to help your students learn about government, civic participation, leadership and more
  • Parents: civic learning is a great family activity!
  • Public officials and civic leaders: contact us to help educate students (and their parents and teachers) in your community about government and leadership. Engage youth in your policy or decision-making. We can help you utilize this valuable, smart resource.

 Volunteer your time and talents

  • Volunteer to help us educate students and build young civic leaders. Mentor an emerging student leader. Teach students about government and its connection to business. Give students the opportunity to cast a mock vote in an election.
  • Serve on a committee to help develop civic education and youth leadership programs, raise awareness for the organization and increase capacity to reach more students.
  • The Board of Directors is a group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals and civic leaders whose involvement supports and furthers the organization in key areas. This is a great opportunity for leaders who are interested in and want to make a difference in children, education, government, leadership and the community.

Invest your financial or in-kind resources

  • Donate now! Contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, organizations and others build capacity and fuel growth to serve the needs of today’s students and schools. 
  • Tax-deductible financial contributions to GenerationNation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, fund civic education programming available to 150,000 students in the Charlotte area. Sponsorships are available for marketing, community relations, and philanthropic purposes.

Educating and engaging K-12 students to lead.

Smart, fun programs connect classroom learning with hands-on experiences that build civic literacy and leadership from an early age.



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