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Charlotte nonprofit GenerationNation connects K-12 classroom learning with hands-on experiences to build civic literacy and leadership from an early age. Through GenerationNation, students learn how their governments and communities work, understand the key issues, and gain the knowledge, skill, and interest to make a difference as a new generation of active and informed citizens and leaders. Learning opportunities connect students with real-life experiences for college, career, and civic life.

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Is your student, teacher, school, or organization involved in GenerationNation programs? Contact us to participate or to involve your school or organization in GenerationNation.


Volunteer opportunities range from speaking with civics classes/youth programs about civic-related topics, helping with special events, and serving on GenerationNation committees. Student service opportunities are available. Sign up to volunteer

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Invest your financial or in-kind resources. Your gifts help GenerationNation to provide current programs, build capacity, and fuel growth to meet the needs of students and our community now and for the future.

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Educating and engaging K-12 students to lead.

Smart, fun programs connect classroom learning with hands-on experiences that build civic literacy, civic engagement, and civic leadership from an early age.



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