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Experience elections with GenerationNation's Kids Voting Student Election program

Kids Voting, a program of GenerationNation, offers K-12 students opportunities to learn about and get involved in elections each year though a mock vote, service-learning in polling places, student council elections, teacher curriculum and more. In 2012-2014, over 180,000 Charlotte-area students participated.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg area

Every year, each student has the exciting opportunity to experience elections! Students in kindergarten through high school participate in a variety of ways, including:

Election results are counted and announced in the media and to schools after Election Day - you can see how students voted.

Charlotte Region and Beyond

Outside of Mecklenburg County? Contact us to learn how to involve your school or youth program in GenerationNation and the Kids Voting program!

Election 2016

Learn more and vote in Primary Election 2016 March 1-15


Election 2015

Learn more




View photos

Election 2016

Vote here March 1-15!

Election 2015

On the ballot: Mayor and councils for Charlotte and towns, Board of Education At-Large



Classroom activities

Standards-based classroom activities are available through the year for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Use the election to drive interest and strengthen comprehension in social studies, reading, writing and math.

Student council elections

Let us host your next student council election. Contact us for more information.



Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Charter, independent, religious and home schools

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections

Educating and engaging K-12 students to lead.

Smart, fun programs connect classroom learning with hands-on experiences that build civic literacy and leadership from an early age.



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