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Help your students to understand how their governments and communities work, about the key issues, the ways citizens and leaders collaborate to solve problems at the local, state and national levels – and gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference. Smart, fun, engaging educational programs tied to C3 Framework, Common Core, and Essential Standards connect classroom activities with handsā€on experiences to narrow gaps and maximize student comprehension and impact.

Civic literacy and leadership programs are available to teachers and students in every school, homeschool, and youth program. This connection is made possible through school partnerships, and the outstanding efforts of teachers.


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Teachers: connect with GenerationNation

GenerationNation is your champion for K-12 civic literacy and youth civic leadership!

Find useful tools that connect real-life experiences and current events with the classroom education to increase student interest and comprehension. Resources are easy to use, flexible and adaptable, plug into existing lesson plans, fit time requirements,  and curriculum goals. They're interdisciplinary, integrating the study of government, citizenship and leadership into different contexts. Tied to Common Core and NC Essential Standards for Social Studies. Plus, they're organized in one place – you don’t have to search the web for content, and relevant, usable and regularly updated throughout the year!

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How is my school involved in GenerationNation?

  • If a teacher has been nominated to serve as a Educator Leader, contact that teacher and find out what he/she has planned for the year, and how you can support those efforts.
  • If your school does not have a leader, encourage your principal to involve your school in our programs. All schools are eligible. Contact us for information about this process.
  • In Charlotte, across the region, or anywhere - all teachers are invited contact us directly with questions or to access program resources.

Educator Leadership

Teacher leaders connect their schools to provide a critical link between classrooms, teachers, students, parents and our programs. Teachers are nominated or designated by their schools to lead civic learning activities there - they are invaluable members of our team! 

Who is serving as Educator Leader at my school?

2015-16 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - Coming soon

2015-16 Independent, Religious and Charter Schools - usually the history department chair or a lower, middle or upper school lead teacher. All schools are invited to get involved!