K-12 students read, think, and take informed action in Election 2017

K-12 students have the opportunity to experience Election 2017 and explore civics in action through Charlotte nonprofit GenerationNation’s annual student election program. The program, the largest community-based mock election in the nation, is in its 25th year. It is a partnership of GenerationNation, Mecklenburg County Board of Elections, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The election program is based on civic literacy, critical thinking, and curriculum standards. Students analyze candidate speeches, debates, videos, and text; read, write, and discuss headlines and information; build news literacy; create campaign strategy; learn about the offices on the ballot, levels of government, and the election process; explore elections and voting at the local, state, national levels; make informed decisions; experience democracy through the annual student mock election; and more.

After students read, think, and decide, they vote. The annual K-12 student mock election offers students the opportunity to make their voices heard through a hands-on election experience. Students have the opportunity to cast their own ballots online and at school October 24-November 7 and at selected Mecklenburg County voting sites on October 28, October 30, November 4, and November 7.  Mock election activities are also available for classrooms in other cities and school districts.

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Election 2017 Resource Toolkit, including lesson plans for grades K-12, strategies for integrating real world content into existing lesson plans, and alignment guides for different content areas plus educational resources including local government guide, debate activities and video clips, student candidate and issues guide, Election 2017 Jigsaw and Rate the Candidates Decision-Making Charts, and more!

Access educational resources

Student candidate guide

Election 2017 Learning Opportunity

Rate the Candidates worksheets

Student Election – Election 2017 is October 24-November 7, 2017

On the ballot: Mayor and Council (Charlotte and towns), CMS Board of Education, CMS Bond

Teachers: information and online ballots

Families: kids can vote in designated libraries and polling places on student voting days

>>Students: Vote online here!


Election 2017 Resource Toolkit

Learn, think, decide, and vote!

Election 2017 Learning Opportunity

Election 2017 Learning Opportunity: Steps to learn, think, decide, and vote

Reading Jigsaw Activity – school board

Reading Jigsaw Activity – mayor

Reading jigsaw helps students to learn about candidates through reading and dialogue

Rate the Candidates worksheets

Charlotte Mayor

Town Mayor

School Board District 1

School Board District 2

School Board District 3

School Board District 4

School Board District 5

School Board District 6

Charlotte City Council At-Large

Student Candidate Guide: candidate info, bonds, roles of officials, and more

Student Candidate Guide

Youth Candidate Forum

offices on the ballot

Find your district
Who represents my school?
Look up your address

Election 2017 Student Vote – Teacher and student information

Teacher planning info and sign up for ballots and stickers

Teacher instructions for vote

Tips for planning and incorporating the lessons and vote